I'm not sure what the message was supposed to be when a crime was committed at a Denver church over the weekend. KDVR was first to report that the vandalism took place at Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine located at 1209 West 36th Avenue and no one knows who committed the crime. For some reason, someone took it upon themselves to behead the statue of St. Jude also destroying other collections of candles in the shrine's courtyard.

Most people that go to the church are in shock and disbelief when they saw the damage, it just doesn't make sense as to why someone would target the church. In fact, they have an outside courtyard so there has been an increase in visitors praying for relief from COVID-19.

With regulations regarding large gatherings of people you're seeing lots of people stop by when it's convenient for them to pray so there isn't such a rush on regular services offered by the Shrine.

In 2016, the Our Lady of Guadalupe was named a diocesan shrine, which means it is a place of pilgrimage for many Catholics. The courtyard where the statue was beheaded is a very calming area where people go to pray, which just makes this act of violence even more mind-boggling.

The church is now looking at locking the courtyard but they haven't made a decision yet. This means the courtyard is still open for people to visit and pray, and many people visiting the church are praying for the people responsible for the crime. They are praying for forgiveness because that person or people did something they didn't need to do.

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