We all have a few words that we do not know how to spell. Autocorrect is a lifesaver for many of us in Colorado. Okay, lifesaver is a dramatic word.

But many of us rely on it. I rely on autocorrect too often. That is why I can never spell the word restaurant correctly on my own.

Most of us wouldn't fair well in a spelling bee. We all rely on autocorrect a little too much. Which word do we struggle to spell the most? The answer might surprise you.

The #1 Word Coloradans Struggle to Spell


According to new data from Google Trends, Coloradans struggle to spell the word ingredients more than any other word.

Google Trends analyzed searches with the phrase "how to spell".

We are the only state where ingredient is the most misspelled word.

Colorado Is Less Embarrassing Than Other States

I looked at the map and I felt a surge of confidence. We by far have a more difficult word that we have an issue with.

Some states struggle with pretty simple words. For example, California struggles spelling the word pretty more than any other word.

Some other examples:

  • Opinion
  • Nervous
  • Cousin
  • Equal
  • Said
  • Internet

Yeah, the word ingredient is understandably more difficult to spell.

The word that I struggle with the most, restaurant (thanks autocorrect), is not the most difficult for any state in the nation.

We Want To Hear From You


What word do you have a difficult time spelling? We all have at least one word that is difficult. Let us know by sending us a message.

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