As a kid in Colorado when that first snow falls, you want to play in it all day long. You know, that kind of snow that is perfect for making a snowball, it's the absolute best! That feeling of pelting your sibling or best friend with a snowball is a feeling of accomplishment that you can’t get anywhere else other than outside, bundled up and running around in the white blanket of snow in the middle of a snowball right with all of the other kids from the neighborhood. But...

Throwing snowballs
Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

One town in Northern Colorado has had a law since the town’s inception making it illegal to throw a snowball. Yes, really! Severance’s law on snowballs defines them as a “missile”. However, the ban on throwing snowballs isn’t enforced, but it is on the books.  An article on the Greeley Tribune states that a 9 year old by the name of Dane Best will plead his case tonight to the Severance Town Board to repeal the snowball ban. Making it 100% legal to have a snowball fight inside the town's limits. Dane stated that his first target for the first legal snowball will be his little brother, Dax, who is 4 years old.

Since the law has been enacted nearly 100 years ago, Dane has been the only one ever to contest a repeal in the odd law. We hope he can legally throw a snowball at his little brother soon. Because, let’s face it, there is no better feeling in the world than hitting a sibling with a snowball in the wintertime!

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