The nose knows what it likes or at least the nose takes a whiff and sends it to the brain which decides whether we like it or not but either way, a smell can be a very powerful thing.

A smell, whether it be good or not so good can take you back to a time or moment in your life and instantly bring back memories. For me, when I smell grass I think of my days of little league baseball and football and my own yard at home after cutting the grass for my parents and grandparents.

Spaghetti O's take me back to the lunch table at my grandma's house when I would have those often and those two smells alone bring back some incredibly great memories.

Another random smell that I love that a lot of folks seem to think smells awful is the smell of gasoline. I know it's not good to be whiffing gasoline but every time I fill up, I can't help myself, I have to at least get a couple of whiffs in.

Recently on the show, we asked our listeners what some of their favorite smells are that a lot of people think aren't so good and the response was fantastic.


So we're going to gather up the data and run down the smells that people here in Northern Colorado are loving the most that others may think flat out stinks but the nose knows and everyone's nose is different so here we go.


Weird Smells That Coloradans Love To Sniff

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