Campus West traffic in Fort Collins can be a nightmare. Especially when CSU is in session. The pedestrians, the bikes, and cars; all coming together at Shields and Elizabeth. It’s about to get worse, but it’s so that it can get better.

Beano, TSM

CSU is set to go on Spring Break. When the students get back, they’ll find things at Shields and Elizabeth like a dream. No more dodging traffic!  Starting February 25th until March 19 (when Spring Break ends) the City of Fort Collins will be installing underpasses. These underpasses, on both sides of Elizabeth, will go under Shields for pedestrian and bicycle traffic!

How great is this going to be?! Sure, while they do the work it’s going to be a mess, but when it’s done? Holy moly! I won’t have to freak out anymore at that light, with what seems like 400 people walking or on bikes trying to cross..I’m always afraid I’m going to hit somebody! This will be a win-win: The students can get to and from campus with ease, and drivers can relax a little. I can’t wait.

Just keep in mind, it WILL be a mess. The intersection will be closed through March 19. Your best bet is to avoid the whole area by utilizing Taft Hill, Prospect and Mulberry. After March 19, the intersection will be open, with single-lane closures until they’re all done with the project in August.

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