They want to remain anonymous and outside of a few travel desires they will keep their lives and jobs.

Mega Millions Jackpot

"The Three Amigos" have finally come forward to claim their piece of the pie. Up till now we only knew that there was a winning ticket sold in Maryland, Illinois and Kansas. We have had to live through the drama of the McDonald's worker having the ticket, not having the ticket losing the ticket not losing the ticket and so on. This story of "the Three Amigos" is a much better tale to sink our teeth into.

The Maryland winners are all hard workers who love their job(s). All three have multiple jobs and as of today they don't plan on quitting. "The Three Amigos" are a woman in her 20's, a woman in her 50's and a man in his 40's; all three work in the public education system.

As told on the three have a few idea's about how to spend some of the money. One wants to take a backpacking trip through Europe, one a tour of the wine country in Italy and the other to pay for his daughters college education. They all have desires to purchase new homes for themselves and one would like to buy a house for their sister.

The small group each put up 20 dollars for their chance at the Mega Millions Jackpot for 60 tickets. They elected the lump sum option and will split 158 million, so after taxes each will take home 35 million dollars. While they waited to come forward they listened to all the television hype and financial advisers that were interviewed on numerous outlets. They feel confident they will play this out smart and even arrived at the lottery office with their own financial adviser.

What would you do with a lump cash sum of 35 million dollars? After your bills are paid and your home is secure, what would you do? Would you assist family members? Take trips? Keep your job? It may be a dream, but for "The Three Amigos" it's now a reality-anything is possible.

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