Boy, those bears can just be so rude. If they're not stealing your trash they're opening car doors in the snow and then walking away. Rude!

'Mischievous Marv' I've named this bear caught on camera. Sure, the car was unlocked, but he had no respect for this person's property.

Red Van Workshop posted the video that was captured over the weekend of October 13/14. It's outside of a home in Boulder where one of their clients live.

Watch as Marv steps in through the front passenger door; he noodles around, finding nothing worth his time, and moves on.  On to the driver's side of the car, where he opens BOTH of those doors looking for food.

Denied nourishment, Marv mosies back into the woods- while leaving all three doors open in a snowstorm! Rude!

The Denver Post reports that other than the car getting some snow in it, Marv didn't really do any damage. It could have been worse. Marv seems to be only mischievous, not mean.

It's just another reminder to keep your doors locked at night.

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