After leaving work the other night, I was craving a slice of pizza and a cold brew. What I found in Fort Collins was a new spot that has won me over as my new stop.

Let me introduce you to Otto Pint, which is located right near the intersection of South Lemay and Harmony in Fort Collins!


First off, let's talk about the atmosphere of this new location. If you are unaware, the former life of this building was a Fort Collins gas station. And while the new owners have done a great job in incorporating their vision into the spot, they have also done an equally fantastic job in bringing in aspects of the former spot into today's restaurant.

You can still see the area where the gas pumps were, which now makes a great indoor/outdoor patio to enjoy your food.

Plus, the open air concept allows you to enjoy the fresh Colorado air while staying in the shade for most of your meal. Not at any point did I feel too warm or like the sun was beating down on me. It was comfort all the way at the new Otto Pint.

Otto Menu
Credit: Otto Pint Facebook Page

Now let's talk about the menu and food, which was just as amazing.

The menu is one of those menu's that isn't overwhelming. It has just enough on it to make you want everything on there, but you also won't take forever because of the size. You essentially have two choices...

What you want for a 12" pizza, and if you want a salad to go along with it. And for me, that works perfect.

Need a more extensive menu? Well get ready because according to their website, they'll be offering bar food and desserts very soon as well.

We ended up getting the special BBQ pizza which included a sweet barbecue sauce, along with jalapenos and pineapple. We also added in the "Ziggy" pizza which includes garlic olive oil, spinach, tomatoes, local mushrooms from Hazel Dell, along with balsamic and basil.

The crust was cooked to perfection, and I am very picky on my crust. It was just thin enough to get a good crunch but had the right thickness to get the perfect taste. Both pizzas had a uniqueness to them to make them stand out above the rest.

Otto Pint also offers an extensive local beer menu along with Colorado Cider Company cider, so you can just sit back and relax while taking in the great presence that Otto has constructed in the city.

On a scale of one to five pizzas, I give it five slices. It is now one of my new favorites in Fort Collins!

Otto Pint is open Sunday - Thursday from 11am - 11pm, and Friday - Saturday 11am - 12pm.

Become fans of their's on Facebook to stay updated on everything at Otto Pint, and check them out today!

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