I was so blown away when I discovered that you could make doughnuts so easily, wanna know what I found out this week? Come on, let's get our doughnut (and bacon) on!

Recipe Rescue did you know

It's crazy easy and sinfully delicious! You know that I love turning biscuits into exciting new foods, I am always rolling them out and putting something inside, now, I'm taking something out and throwing them into hot oil.


1 Pkg Grands Homestyle Original or Buttermilk biscuits, enough oil for frying, half a pound of cooked and crumbled bacon, 2 cups of powered sugar, 1-2 tsp vanilla and 2 Tbs of good maple syrup


Separate the biscuits and lay them out on the counter, cut out the center with a round spice jar lid or something similar. (save the centers, roll into a ball and fry for doughnut holes then roll in a blend of equally blended cinnamon and sugar) Fry the whole doughnuts till golden on each side, roughly three minutes each side. Remove from grease and place on cooling rack.

Blend together the powered sugar and vanilla then add the maple syrup. Trust your taste buds to perfect the flavor of your icing, if it needs more vanilla add a little drop at a time, if you want it creamier add a Tbs of milk.

Dip the doughnuts in the icing and sprinkle with bacon crumbles-Enjoy!


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