The Eagles and the Chiefs go head-to-head on February 12, 2023, in Phoenix for Super Bowl LVII, but on Friday the 10th, it's wet nose-to-wet nose at DIA.

There aren't many things cuter than a bunch of puppies pretending to play football; when you raise the stakes and call it a "Puppy Bowl," the cuteness goes off the charts. Denver International Airport has teamed up with a local shelter to kickoff Super Bowl weekend with fun.


I wonder what the team names will be for this Puppy Bowl at DIA. The "Adorables" versus the "Super Cutes?" The "Poochies" versus the "Good Boys?" I'm sure that they'll come up with some fun names, without my help. Get set to set a calendar reminder to watch these heart-stealers hit the "turf."


These Puppy Bowls that happen around the time of the Super Bowl are great. They add to the "Why take things so seriously?" aspect of the biggest football game of the year. Where as the professional football players will have a gameplan and determination, these puppies won't have a clue or concern.

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Denver International Airport will be hosting this Puppy Bowl on Level 5 of the Jeppesen Terminal near passenger arrivals. How fun will it be to get off the train and see these puppies having a [foot]ball? The Denver Animal Shelter will be the partner in the event; I'm guessing these puppies will be up for adoption.

Of course with any Puppy Bowl, it's a "win-win" endeavor: The puppies have fun, we have fun. I doubt they'll even be keeping score. Who's ready to see some of the "action?"


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