A school principal in England with a $300,000 salary allegedly used the school credit card to purchase personal items - including condoms.

Richard Gilliland, 64, is said to have spent thousands of dollars in school funds on not only condoms, but a hot tub, gazebo, and tech gadgets (3 DVD players, an iPad 2 and iPod, various video games, and a motorcycle security chain, to be precise). It is believed Gilliland saved the school's credit card information on his personal Amazon account before going on the spending spree.

Prosecutor David Allan says Gilliland was motivated by greed, calling him "an arrogant, aggressive bully."

Here's where the story takes a complicated turn - the principal is also accused of employing his convict son Kia Richardson, 29, after arranging to cover up his criminal records. Richardson should not have been employed due to convictions for drug possession and flashing a 14-year-old girl.

Gilliland denies 6 charges of fraud by abuse of position.

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