There have been many reports throughout the country that Bigfoot exists deep in America's woods. But a recent video could possibly show proof of the beast living in Colorado.

I had the chance to do watch some videos on Youtube today, and I came across a video posted recently by Colorado Bigfoot that they (and many viewers) believe shows evidence of Bigfoot in the state.

Before you check out this video, here are some of the comments on the Youtube channel where some viewers are describing what they see in the footage:

Barbara Kulbe: "red thing between trees same orangutan color not sure, ???"

Cosmic Rancher: "A big black fuzzy shape center screen at 0:44."

Arletty Medor: "at 58.18/19, big head cloaked really close to u. I can see everything: eyes wide opened, nose, mouth slitly open like a smile on his (her?) face. seemed harmless to me...and then it faded away. Amazing !!"

In Larimer County, there have been five reported Bigfoot sightings in history with the last one occurring in 2014. There has been one report in Weld County, dating as far back as 1972.

So take a look at this video and let us know what you think. Does this show evidence that Bigfoot lives in our woods? Or is it just another figment of our imagination? You be the judge.


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