As we all know, Colorado is an expensive state to live in. However, you might be a bit surprised to know that Colorado is the second richest state in the nation. According to, Colorado is the second wealthiest state just behind Virginia.


With Colorado's 180 cities and towns, one location has to be at the bottom of the list when it comes to finances. It doesn't matter how rich or how poor a state may be, one town has to be on the bottom of the list.

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Colorado's Poorest Town

Colorado's poorest town is home to 3,876 residents on the eastern plains. While you might not have visited Colorado's poorest town, you have certainly seen produce from this place in your local grocery store. While the town's soil may be rich enough to produce famous and flavorful cantaloupes and watermelons, Rocky Ford comes in as the poorest town in the state.


According to, ranks 180th and is the poorest town in Colorado. used factors such as median household income, households receiving SNAP benefits, median home value, and adults with higher education.

The Breakdown of Rocky Ford, Colorado

  • Median household income: $29,822
  • Adults with bachelor's degrees or higher: 13.7 percent
  • Households receiving SNAP benefits: 37.7 percent
  • Median home value: $81,900

Rocky Ford's median household income is more than $50k less than the overall median income of Colorado's $80,184. The town does have very affordable housing considering the median home price in Rocky Ford is $316k less than the overall median home price in the state of Colorado.

To see the list of the poorest towns in every state, visit

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