Until this weekend, Northern Colorado millennials really hadn't stepped foot outside their own breakfast burrito-eating, Harry Potter-reading, video game-playing, Kardashian keeping-up-withing, antisocial lives. Then, Pokemon Go began blowing up their Facebook newsfeeds and changing their lives for the better.

Nextshark says the app is changing lives for the better both physically and mentally by getting players interested in getting fresh air (quite possibly for the first time in, well, ever).

"I caught 6 Pokemon on my run today so safe to say I had an efficient workout," said Twitter user Jocelyn Butler via Nextshark, while user Lisa Ohanian says, "I have #PokemonGo and a #Fitbit, so basically I could cancel my gym membership and I'd be just fine now."

This is so, incredibly relatable for Northern Colorado millennials. In fact, we've received reports throughout the weekend of people out and about around town saying they're getting fresh air just to check out Pokemon Go, the app that has literally everyone on and off the internet buzzing.

Since Pokemon Go has been getting Northern Colorado millennials out of their comfort zones, there are probably quite a few things in the area they've rediscovered, right? Totally. Let's take a look at some of the things they bumped into and re-learned about Northern Colorado.

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