Picture this, you're hanging out with some friends enjoying a beautiful day with some golf when all of a sudden you hear a weird noise. It sounds like a plane engine but is sounds really close and low and then you realize, oh s**t it IS a plane and that thing is coming down.


Pretty intense to even think about but that was the reality at the Fox Hollow Golf Course in Lakewood on Monday.


According to Jenny Fulton from the sheriif's office who spoke with Denver 7, there were no injuries aboard the plane or on the ground with is incredible news.

  The crash occurred near the 4th hole and as you can see, the plane is still pretty much intact so whoever was piloting that aircraft did an outstanding job landing that thing safely as to not have hardly any damage at all and more importantly saving lives.


It's kind of miraculous when you stop to think about it, losing control of an airplane, and not only finding a spot to land but doing so pretty flawlessly with no injuries to anyone.

Authorities are currently working to gather more information as to what may have caused the plane to go down and more. We'll keep you updated.


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