It was March of 2020. My brother-in-law surprised us with a trip to Italy. All three of us couldn't be more excited to go. COVID was an issue in some places around the globe, but not so much in Italy... Or so we thought.

A couple of days into the 2020 Italy trip we were on a train from Solerno to Florence. During that train ride, the entire country shut down. We had no choice but to figure out how to leave and only got to see our hotel in Florence.

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Since that first trip to Italy, my wife and I have been longing to go back and finish what we started. We did just that on Black Friday. While most were shipping for the holiday season, we were boarding our flight to Rome, Italy for a do-over.

The flight took us more than 5,000 miles across the globe. We couldn't wait to land and hit the ground running. Food, culture, history, and memories. We were going to make the absolute best vacation we could create in a week.

Here are just a handful of the many photos that we took on our Italian vacation to Rome and Florence:

Our Adventure to Italy in 2021

We took a trip to Rome and Florence to see, eat and drink some amazing things.

Do you know how some people are with their infatuation with Disney? That pretty much sums us up when it comes to Italy. We love the country and plan on going back time and time again. The ancient ruins, the endless foods in different regions of Italy, and the overall feel that we get when we are there make it seem magical.

We won't be going back any time soon, but we are already planning our next adventure to Italy.

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