Drew Hamilton lived to tell the tale. The tale about the Grizzly bear who walked within feet of him, sat down, and walked away. No one would ever believe the story, without some video of course.

This isn't the first time someone has had a very close encounter with a Grizzly bear but most cases are never on video and the bear is usually charging and/or bluffing. Not many get this close...and live to tell the story.

Drew Hamilton works for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and shot this amazing video at the McNeil River State Game Sanctuary, in Alaska.

The video is just amazing if you know much about bears...especially Grizzly bears. They are just as curious about things as we are, for the most part, but this encounter is still way too close even for the McNeil area which is obviously well know for being able to "get close."

I honestly thought this bear though was going to sit in the chair, open a beer, and watch his buddies annihilate the fish population while gorging at the falls. He did sit down for a bit, panting like a dog, then got bored and just left.

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