Here's a big endorsement of the upcoming Team Challenge wellness program we are producing with Miramont Lifestyle Fitness.

One of the past participants of the program had such a life changing experience that she changed careers--from a well established accountant to a personal trainer, and she is now a coach for the very Team Challenge that changed her life.

That's what I call a change.

That's Sumer, the first person that I talk to in the video.

The Team Challenge is a simple wellness program.

You join, we tell you what to do, you do it, and good things will happen to your body, and potentially your mind and spirit.

Any questions?

I love these programs because they are total no-brainers. Just show up, give it a solid effort, and you will see results. You can't stop the results you'll achieve if you just make the workouts and follow the nutrition advice. It will happen.

Plus, we're going to have a lot of fun. Join my team at the North location of Miramont. Or, join one of the other teams at a location that suits you better.

Goldberg from The Point will be a coach and participant as well.

If you're wondering what good it will do you, check out this video.

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