Surrounded by the San Juan mountains, Pagosa Springs is one of Colorado's best-kept secrets with stunning views and what many believe to be miracle water.

At the Springs Resort in Colorado, you'll find dozens of tubs to soak away your worries and even the world's deepest geothermal hot spring.

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The Springs Resort in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

The Springs Resort has long been hailed as the home to the most geothermal hot spring pools in Colorado and is known for what many believe to be healing and therapeutic waters.

There are 24 pools all with varying temperatures filled with nothing but natural mineral water. Overnight guests at the resort have 24-hour access to the pools, giving them the opportunity to take a soak under the stars or during a beautiful sunrise.

According to Texas Monthly, the current owners of the Springs Resort have plans to add an additional "21 pools, a geothermal spa with thirteen treatment rooms and three more soaking tubs."

Colorado Is Home to the Deepest Geothermal Hot Spring

Guinness World Records had heard rumors of an insanely deep hot spring in Colorado and in 2011, they went out to see Pagosa Springs' infamous hot spring for themselves.

John Casey from Basin Engineering in Durango came equipped with a plumb line that could reach a maximum depth of 1,002 ft to find out just how deep the "Mother Spring" in Pagosa Springs is.

Casey deployed the plumb line in the main spring and after 10 minutes the plumb line ran out without hitting any obstacles. That experiment confirmed the rumor of the spring's massive depth earning it the Guinness World Record title of deepest geothermal hot spring.

The world’s deepest measured hot spring is a fitting title for what can arguably be called the world’s most beautiful hot spring resort. Discovered hundreds of years ago by the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, the hot springs were revered for their rejuvenating and healing qualities. In the 1860s, the United States Army studied the medicinal effects of the springs, and the first bath house was built in 1881.

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