When I was a kid, everything I watched led me to believe that we would have flying cars by the time I was an adult. Yet, in 2024, we still don't have flying cars. To say I am disappointed is a bit of an understatement. Maybe we will get our flying cars one day. Then again, maybe not.


As an adult who likes toys, I have a drone. I love flying it but I don't get to do it as much as I would like. Drones have become easily accessible to consumers over the past few years and it was only a matter of time before they were used in everyday settings.

Soon, when you order something online, instead of a truck bringing you your package, it could be a drone. According to DroneVideos.com, Denver will soon be another city that is offering drone delivery. Drone Express moved its headquarters from Dayton, Ohio to Denver, Colorado. Drone Express has already partnered with grocery company, Kroger, for deliveries in the Dayton, Ohio area and Papa John's Pizza in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Drone Express Delivery Drones in Colorado

These drones aren't the typical drones you will find in your local electronics store. The drones from Drone Express have six propellers with a wingspan of three feet across and a travel distance of five miles on a single charge. Each of these drones is capable of carrying and transporting 10 pounds per trip.  But what about the wild weather that Colorado is known for? According to DroneVideos.com, the drones from Drone Express are weather-resistant and can fly in winds of up to 69 miles per hour.

Drone Express has already started trial runs in the Denver Metro area and once the testing phase is completed, deliveries to customers should start in early summer.


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