If you've driven Colorado's Highway 65 from Delta to Cedaredge, you've been through the beautiful town of Orchard City. There's quite a bit more to this community than meets the eye.

A number of facts about the community may surprise you. Here's a look at 11 fun little facts about Orchard City you may not be aware of.

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Larger Community Than You May Think

If you go back in time about 120 years or so, the area was home to three communities: Austin, Eckert, and Cory. According to the Town of Orchard City official webpage, these communities, all the way to the neighboring town of Cedaredge, were once solid with orchards.

Research courtesy of Tom Heurkamp, the Mayor of Orchard City from 2004-2008, indicates Austin was the commercial hub of the group. This was due to the presence of the railroad carrying both passengers and freight.

By the 1980s all three communities were "officially" combined to form Orchard City. Each of the three original communities maintains a separate post office and zip code.

Orchard City is Geographically Bigger Than You May Think

The United States Census Bureau reports Orchard City's total area measures 11.4 square miles, with 0.01 of that being water. With that, Orchard City, in terms of square miles, is the largest municipality in Delta County.

Noteworthy Businesses in Orchard City

When visiting Orchard City, you'll encounter a number of fascinating businesses. One such business would be Two Mean Goats Soap. They offer "Handmade goats milk soap and body products."

Another local business would be Firethorn Trading Post. According to their sign, they deal in firearms and accessories, as well as hunting and camping supplies. A third example of a thriving area business would be Best Friends Animal Hospital. Looking at their reviews it appears as if locals and tourists are extremely happy with their staff and services.

11 Fun Facts About Orchard City Colorado

When was the last time you rolled through Orchard City, Colorado? You've probably been through it dozens of times when driving Colorado's Highway 65. Here are a few fun facts you may not know about the region.

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