I wonder if those who are shopping online are already done with their list.

How's that holiday shopping going? My husband and I made a promise at the beginning of the month to get all of our Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. I'm embarrassed to admit that we haven't even started and yet that clock keeps ticking. I guess it was more of a hope than a promise.

And there are some people who we know who are already done shopping. Are you one of them? Did you knock it all out online? I'm willing to bet that most of the people who are already done strictly stuck to ecommerce options.

In fact, online shopping this holiday season is up 43 percent compared to last year.

Obviously COVID has a lot to do with that. Many people are uncomfortable being out in the hustle and bustle. This number comes from the fact that online spending is expected to be just under $2 billion this year. Yep, just for online shopping alone.

With these kinds of numbers, it's no wonder that many stores are already offering Black Friday deals and will most likely extend those past the actual day itself. No store wants to miss out on that consumer spending! Major retailers are also getting creative in how they will handle the increase in online crowds and curbside pickups with reservations and virtual queues.

I mean, it is nice to sit in my pjs and sip my peppermint mocha (which was also ordered online) and shop by the fireplace.

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