One item has been in the works for some time, one seems to have come out of nowhere. Loveland and Thompson Valley Highs are looking different.

Thousands of people drive by Loveland High School and Thompson Valley High School in Loveland every day, even more so during the school year. When people drive by, or to, the schools now, they're noticing a couple of changes.

One is a big deal, one is 'not so much.'

One is a change due to a change in what's acceptable, culturally; the other is a relatively small change in the campus for the school.

It was in August of 2020, that it was announced that Loveland High School's mascot would be changed from Indians to Red Wolves; in March of 2021, they unveiled the new logo. Recently, they tore down the old 'Home of the Indians' marquee at the north side of the campus.

Loveland High School - Former Marquee until 2021
TSM/Dave Jensen
Loveland High School Marquee as of August 2021
TSM/Dave Jensen

There will be MANY people not pleased about the sight of this new marquee, after the previous one standing there for almost 35 years, but... times change.

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On the other side of town at Thompson Valley High School, many things are going on with construction that you may have noticed. I've been seeing a lot of work on the school while playing on the disc golf course they have. Strike that, the course that they used to have.

During Labor Day Weekend, I went over to shoot their 9-hole course, for a quick round and found that all the baskets for the small course, were gone. I walked around a little bit to be sure, but yes, they'd pulled the baskets.

I did notice a big 'roll off' dumpster behind the school, where the old ballfield lies, suggesting more construction coming towards that area. So, I called Thompson Valey High School and asked them about the course.

They said that they have indeed pulled the course..... and it's not coming back.

Thompson Valley Disc Golf
Google Maps
Thompson Valley without Disc Golf
TSM/Dave Jensen

The Thompson Valley course wasn't the best course around, so I can see where they figured it just wasn't worth it anymore.  Nearby Walt Clark Middle School has a great course, and Mehaffey Park has a good course, so it's not like Loveland is now left without.

Of the two changes, the marquee replacement at LHS will definitely be striking more of a chord with the public, for sure.

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