One of my favorite jokes from Steve Martin: upon hearing someone from another country speak in their native tongue, his response was, "Wow! It's like you have a different word for everything!" When traveling to different places in this country you're bound to hear a local colloquialism that throws you for a loop. But, it's not like Colorado is without its quirks and sayings.

There is a website for "Slang Quiz of the USA" called where you can bounce around state to state and try and guess either what the local saying is or where it's from. Here are some examples:

FLORIDA: "No-See-Ums" - small gnats or bugs that you can't see.
KENTUCKY: "Hot brown" - a type of open-faced sandwich.
MASSACHUSETTS: "It's brick" - it means that something is cold.
NEVADA: "Pigeon" - a gambler who keeps throwing more money at a bad bet.
PENNSYLVANIA: "Snoopy" - it means you're a picky eater.
TENNESSEE: "Meat and three" - It's a meal with meat and three side dishes.
WYOMING: "Kashi" - it's a poking tool.
CALIFORNIA: "Slaps" - when something is good.

Have you been visiting Wyoming and have been referred to as a "greenie"? If so, they're just calling you a Coloradoan....because most of our license plates are green.

Now, if you've been up on the hills and struggling with the ski's, you might have heard the word "gaper". That's a fun-loving term we give to novice skiers.

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