One stretch of Northern Colorado blacktop is the most dangerous in the state according to Car Insurance Comparison. The list compiled of all highways per state from Car Insurance Comparison takes factors such as accidents and average fatalities per year into consideration.


One might be quick to jump to conclusions that either Interstate 25, Highway 34, or U.S. 85 could be easily one of the most dangerous stretches of roads in Northern Colorado, but you would be wrong.

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A short, 20-mile, highway that connects Campion, Colorado at Highway 287 east to U.S. Highway 85 in Weld County has been named the most dangerous in the state of Colorado.

Colorado State Highway 60

According to Car Insurance Comparison, Highway 60 is the most dangerous in the state of Colorado with an average of 11 fatalities per year. This stretch of road from west to east starts in Campion and heads east through Johnstown, Milliken, and ends at U.S. Highway 85. Hearing this news is pretty unsettling to me as I live only blocks off of this highway in Johnstown.

Car Insurance Comparison may have a bit of a typo on its list for Colorado as it labels Colorado State Highway 60 as U.S. Highway 60. There is one small issue here, U.S. Highway 60 does not run through Colorado.

U.S. Highway 60

This 2,655-mile highway starts in Arizona and heads east through New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, West Virginia, and finally ends at the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia.

The Most Dangerous Highway in the United States

Car Insurance Comparison labels a Florida highway as the most dangerous in the United States with a staggering average of 101 fatalities per year. That highway is U.S. Highway 1. For more information on the most dangerous highways in the United States in 2023, Visit Car Insurance Comparison.

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