Could this be an omen for what many are expecting to be a catastrophic Summer Games?

A BBC reporter caught this laughable moment on video while in Rio. Firemen were summoned with bolt cutters to open one of the gates at Olympic Stadium prior to Wednesday's women's soccer matches (it's one of the events that begins before Friday's opening ceremony) after officials lost the key to one of the entrances. Yeah, that's like the pilot going into the cockpit and realizing he has no way to start the plane.

How do you lose the keys on the eve of  the biggest sporting event the country has ever hosted? You'll be forgiven for thinking Rio isn't equipped to host a dinner party for four, let alone a gathering of the best athletes from around the world.

This is just the latest blemish in what many people feel is bound to be a terrible Olympics, with housing problems getting a lot of attention in the lead-up to the Games. Of course, if the athletes ever get too ticked off by the disorganization, they can at least take heart knowing there is a good way to relieve their stress.

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