This road in Rocky Mountain National Park is easily one of the most picturesque you can find in Colorado. Old Fall River Road is a one-way road leading up to Trial Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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According to the Denver Gazette, Old Fall River Road will close to vehicle traffic for the season on Tuesday, October 4, and will be closed for all use through Friday, October 6. Maintenance will be done on Old Fall River Road which means no Rocky Mountain National Park visitors will be able to access the road during these days.

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Old Fall River Road will reopen to bicycles, hikers, and leashed pet walkers temporarily on these dates:

  • Saturday, October 6 to Monday, October 9.
  • Saturday, October 14 to Thursday, November 30.

Rocky Mountain National Park will then change over Old Fall River Road to trail status on December 1. With the road changing over to trail status, this means that bicyclists and leashed pets will not be able to use the road for the remainder of the season.

More information on the closures of certain areas of Rocky Mountain National Park can be found on the National Park Service website HERE.

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