The City Council of Englewood approved a motion to direct the City Manager, J. Shawn Lewis, to issue an Emergency Order on July 6 which went into effect on July 9.

The Emergency Order outlines a face-covering mandate for all members of the public 6 years of age or older. Face covers, or masks, must be worn outside of their home or place of residence.

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Failure or refusal to wear masks during the COVID-19 pandemic in Englewood can carry a heft penalty.  Englewood's Police Department and all code enforcement officials have been authorized and directed to enforce the orders of the Emergency Order as of July 10, 2020, at 8 a.m.

The first offense for failing to wear a mask is $15, the second offense is $25. However, the maximum penalty for person(s) violating the Emergency Order could face up to a $2,650 fine, imprisonment for up to 360 days, or both.

The Emergency Order will remain in effect until rescinded by the City Council or the City Manager of Englewood.

Clarification has been sent to us from Ann Lauricello, Communications Specialist, for the City of Englewood:

"While the emergency order includes boilerplate language referencing other penalties, this language is part of EVERY Englewood ordinance that includes any form of enforcement so that any defendant violating an ordinance will know the maximum penalty the judge might impose should he/she choose to go to trial.

In the instance of the emergency mask order, the penalties are clearly outlined as:
First violation : $15 fine
Subsequent violations: $25
The goal is not to issue citations, it is to educate people so they will understand their responsibility to protect their neighbors from this virus by wearing a face covering when inside public spaces so Englewood can continue reopening and moving past this health crisis. "

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