At first when I heard the news I was oh, and then I started learning more about it. I couldn't wait to talk to you about it and get your opinion. Others may tackle the subject, but each of us are different and it is our differences that bring us together, so what say you?

No Protection for Pot Smokers

So from what I understand if you test positive for pot at work you CAN be fired; whether you have a medicinal purpose or not. The Colorado Court of Appeals ruled today that there is no employment protection for marijuana users.

How do you think I feel about this?

Well, I'm glad that you asked. I have been popping in and out of Facebook today and it seems to be quite the topic. Most are upset and want to know why an employer can fire someone for doing something in their own time, not work time. I don't understand this, if you were to smoke a joint before work, yes, it's your time, but depending on how you react to pot and how long before work that you did it, are you not high at work? Or are you referring to the residual effects of smoking pot and it lingering in your system, you wanna say you're on vacation and smoking pot daily and first day back at job you get a drug test that comes up positive, you haven't smoked in a week and now you're fired. How long does marijuana really stay in your system really depends on you.  I get that and that does seem to suck, but for most pot smokers that really isn't the case, if you smoke you smoke. Yes, I know, it's legal and you may even have a card that doubly says you can smoke so from that point of view it sucks. But, and you knew there would be a but.

If someone has a legal prescription for painkillers or anxiety medicines and they take too much and can't do their job, they will lose their job. If a guy or gal likes his/her alcohol and drinks often and comes to work buzzed or smelling of booze, they'll lose their job. So what's the difference, the amount of time in your system? Yes, that's true, alcohol metabolizes about the same for everyone and can be out of your system in ten hours. If you are taking painkillers the rate of them leaving your body is based on many variables; including yet not exclusively your weight, height and how often you take them. Some can take up to 7 days to leave your body.

So, how do I feel?

I think that you should be able to live your life the way you chose as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else, so if you are drinking, taking painkillers or smoking pot while working, no you do not deserve any employment protection. If you were on vacation and smoked pot, maybe for the first time, maybe you should be protected if that means you could lose your job. Some may say just don't smoke, don't know if I buy into that theory. It isn't my thing but I do know when something sounds hinky and if you can test positive for pot, when it is mostly legal, a month after ever smoking it, there needs to be better testing or more lenient laws on how to handle a positive test for marijuana.

In the decision today by the Colorado Court of Appeals they stated on a split decision that marijuana is still barred by the Federal Government even though state licensed marijuana use was approved by voters. The Colorado Court of Appeals said today that marijuana users were not to receive employment protection.


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