For the 40th consecutive time, there was no winner for the full Powerball jackpot which is now sitting at a record $1.9 BILLION. There were however 8 people that scored some cool cash and one of those winners played at a Loaf and Jug in Fort Collins.

Of the 8 winners that scored between $50,000 and $1 million, the one that played at the Fort Collins Loaf n Jug at 7600 Westgate Drive in Fort Collins is now $50,000 richer thanks to winning a partial jackpot.

The other winners from Saturday according to KKTV were as follows:

  • 139223 WINNERS CORNER CO PUEBLO $1,000,000
  • 139705 PLAYERS CAFE CO LLC EDGEWATER $1,000,000
  • 71984 KUM & GO # 922 RIFLE 12 Powerball $150,000
  • 200964 LOAF N JUG #25 PUEBLO $150,000
  • 31973 7-ELEVEN #13206B ENGLEWOOD $50,000
  • 139223 WINNERS CORNER CO PUEBLO $50,000
  • 139426 LOAF N JUG #750813 FORT COLLINS $50,000

The next drawing is for the biggest jackpot in Colorado Lottery history sitting at $1.9 BILLION, and whether you win or not, your money goes to some pretty cool stuff here in our state.

Lottery spokesperson Megan Dougherty had this to say about it:

“The majority of our money goes to the outdoors, trails, recreation, conservation,” she told 11 News. “So for this drawing alone it’s gonna be upwards of 10 million or more that will go to outdoor equity, outdoor fun.”


To say we're due to get a winner is an understatement, Powerball has gone 40 times without getting a winner dating back to August 3rd since there was a big winner.

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