A cannabis-loving company is making it easier for stoners to not only store their stash, but keep its scent hidden from the world.

AnnaBis creates handbags designed to disguise the smell of weed with special "Odor-Loc Technology" consisting of "odor-blocking layers of resin film," as well as secret compartments to keep your stash and paraphernalia. Some compartments are also sealed with an airtight zipper so the scent of cannabis "stays where it belongs."

The handbags cost anywhere between $120 and $295 and come in 3 different styles - The Melissa Multi-case, The Whoopee Vape Case, and The Chelsea Cross Body.

The company aims to not only help you mask the smell of whatever it is you're carrying, but also empower women in the fight for legalization.

"We believe women will be the most powerful and important force in the legalization and medical use of marijuana," AnnaBis co-founder Jeanine Moss told Mashable. "Their wants and needs should not be overlooked."

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