This sounds like such a stoner idea but if it helps generate money for a good cause, why not move forward with it. We are finding out from The Denver Channel that if you want to spend lots of money letting everyone know you are green-friendly just by looking at your license plate you now have the possibility. Colorado drivers currently can purchase the rights to a marijuana-themed license plate.

The auction is being put on by the Colorado Disability Fund, which is set up to enhance the independence and quality of life for people who are elderly or disabled and their families. And they decided to hold a 4/20 auction.

How Do I Get One of the Marijuana-Themed License Plates from Colorado?

You have to purchase the rights to the license plate and they are not cheap. Because there are only 14 license plates available the prices range currently from $330 for the license plate that says STASH, or you could pay top price for the ISIT420 license plate currently set at $6,420.

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Details on the Marijuana-Themed License Plates Available in Colorado

The full list of names that are available and current price are:

  • BONG = $720
  • GANJA = $500
  • GOTWAX = $730
  • GREEN = $420
  • HAPPY = $530
  • HASH = $1430
  • HEMP = $610
  • HERB = $440
  • HONEY = $480
  • INDICA = $600
  • ISIT420 = $6420
  • SATIVA = $550
  • STASH = $330
  • TEGRIDY = $2010

I have to admit, I will not be spending my money on one of these license plates. I'm not certain why anyone would want to display this, it seems like a good reason to get pulled over to see if you are driving while high. But what do I know. If you want to buy one of these, go for it. And pass the funyuns.

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