Is it true that there is no neighbor code anymore? Or is it that the neighbor code was just a fairy tale past on from generations like a white unicorn?

Landscaping Lawn Mower Code TSM Stock
Landscaping Lawn Mower Code TSM Stock

There are a few things that you can remember your mother telling you and then the things that dad made perfectly clear when you were growing up. Some of these things will stick in the heads of many till the end of time, and most of them involved some kind of neighbor code.

What kind of things you ask?!?


  • Don't skateboard up and down the street after 10 p.m.
  • Don't borrow sugar from the same house twice in a month
  • Pick the neighbors flowers
  • Let the dog poop on the neighbors yard
  • Take money from Mrs. O'leary for shoveling her driveway
  • Listen to the neighbors argue
  • Doorbell ditch anyone on the block
  • MOW THE YARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, the last one is capitalized, because there used to be a code for these things. Or is that just the wild imagination of a child?

Sunday morning should be a leisurely time in the home, a time before the weekday chaos starts all over again, a time to sleep in and be lazy... at least till 10 a.m. But some neighbors don't get it, should you really be subjected, without frustration, to the neighbor mowing the lawn at 7:30 in the morning on a Sunday? Not only does the neighbor mow at this unnatural hour, they turn on and off the mower because they chose not to move the lawn furniture beforehand. And then when you think that you're in the clear and can once again find a cool slumber spot, yep, he starts and stops and starts and stops the weed whacker!

Honestly, how do you feel about lawn mowing before 8 a.m.? Should there be an unwritten rule to be thoughtful of your neighbors or is it just every man for himself?


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