The Zac Brown Band heads to the Country Music Hall of Fame; Gwen Stefani tells Chelsea Handler what she thought when boyfriend Blake Shelton came to her with a song he had written, and Naomi Judd is making headlines and not in a good way.  

Naomi Judd Inducted Into The Kentucky Legends Hall Of Fame
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Zac Brown Band will be the subject of a new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville this summer. The exhibition will feature stage wear, guitars, song manuscripts, photos and more from the band's personal collection.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have spoken a lot on their duet "Go Ahead and Break My Heart," which you will find on Blake's album "If I'm Honest," that comes out tomorrow. Blake has even gone as far as saying that Gwen saved his life and said she would echo the same sentiment. Now Gwen is speaking about the duet saying, "He's like 'I wrote this song' and I was like 'Whoa what if I don't like it, huge turn-off!" She said she listened to the song and thought "Oh my God, I love this." Shelton then told her to write the rest of it. And the rest is history.

Yikes! Naomi Judd, the mama of The Judds, has a PR storm on her hands. There's this cooking competition called "My Kitchen Rules" that she was participating in alongside Ray J, Andrew Dice Clay, Brandi Glanville, LeAnn Rimes' ex Dean Sheremet, Lance Bass and his mom Diane. Naomi has attacked producers on Facebook saying they misled her about who her competition would be on the show. She said of Glanville she's "one of those tawdry Housewives shows" ... Ray J's a "bad boy" who made a porn and called Dice "a no holds barred comedian."

Naomi says she was done with the show and that she'd never "choose to socialize with" people like her co-stars, but she signed a contract, so she's stuck in an awkward, at best, situation.