60 Prizes. One Winner. What will YOU win? It's all part of the fun of K99's "Last Prize Standing", where you qualify for the grand prize while eliminating other prizes!

It all kicks off on Monday, April 23rd with the Good Morning Guys with Brian, Todd, and Susan! How does the "Last Prize Standing" work?

  • Download your "Last Prize Standing" game board right here to get you ready for the game!
  • Country Club Members : to see the eliminated prizes Click Here!
  • From Monday, April 23rd - Friday, May 4th listen to K99 at 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, and 7pm as we'll announce that hours prize! We'll also tell you WHERE it is hidden on the "LAST PRIZE STANDING" game board...so make sure you are listening each time it is announced to write it down.
  • Starting on Monday, May 7th listen to K99 at 9a-11a-1p-3p-and 5pm for your CUE TO CALL! When you hear it, be caller nine at 800-500-2599 to instantly qualify for the LAST PRIZE STANDING! If you're caller nine, you will also ELIMINATE a prize from the game board to get us closer to finding out what the LAST PRIZE STANDING will be!
  • Here's something new this spring as well! On the gameboard there will be TEN instant winner spots! You'll have a chance to grab one of these slots and instantly win concert tickets while you qualify!

Again, download your game board here NOW to assist you in getting the "LAST PRIZE STANDING" you want, as the prizes start being announced Monday morning at 9am!




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