K99's Ultimate Holiday Treasure Hunt is HERE!!! It's the biggest scavenger hunt to come to Northern Colorado, with over $3000 in prizes!

If you need a reminder on how the game works, here are all the details you need:

  • Starting Monday, November 6th (and running until Tuesday, November 21st), listen to K99 each weekday from 9a - 5p to find out where that day's prize is hidden!
  • Make sure you're listening all day, as we'll give you a "FIVE MINUTE ALERT", which will tell you that the announcement is coming up in no more than five minutes!
  • The announcement will only happen once each day, so you have to make sure you're listening!
  • The first person to go to the hidden location, find the prize, and posts a photo of them holding the prize on our Facebook page will be declared the winner!

Here are some rules to remember for the treasure hunt:

  • The prize for each day will be TAPED to something at the announced location. It is NOT in the ground to be dug up, and it will not be high up to have to climb somewhere.
  • You are only allowed one prize per family during the entire contest. If your family claims more than one prize during the promotion, you will be disqualified from winning any contests on K99 until 10/31/18.
  • Please make sure you obey ALL driving rules and street signs when heading to a location. This is NOT a race! This is all in fun, so let's keep it that way.
  • If the weather is predicted to be treacherous on one of the promotional days, the hunt will NOT occur that day.

Here are the prizes you'll have a chance of winning throughout the "Ultimate Holiday Treasure Hunt":

Since you are a K99 Country Club member, below is a picture of where today's prize is hidden! Plus here is the time that today's location will be announced! Good Luck!

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15TH: Twin Silo Park, Fort Collins (announced at 9am)



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