One of the coolest parts of my job is getting to discover new artists and share them with you. That is not only one of my favorite things about our New From Nashville series but also the Habajeeba Show and my daily morning show as well. Getting to find a new artist that blows me away and then getting to introduce you to them as we watch them ascend to super stardom together is so cool. My latest band I can't get enough of and can't wait to share with you is The Last Bandoleros.

These guys play the hell out of their instruments, harmonize like family, write great music, are memorizing performers and are just great people. I am not alone on this one. The rest of the world is already catching on. Jimmy Kimmel had them on his show for their late night network debut and they even got to join the legendary Sting for a number, who also happens to be a big fan of The Last Bandoleros. Check out their visit to the Kimmel show the other night and get ready to feel the buzz that many are already tuned into. Great things lie ahead for these guys.

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