Brian Gary

Dear Candidates:

It’s an election year and that means we get to see well paid, supposedly respected adults, act like children. It seems like I get more and more sickened with politics every election year. When will people running for office realize that we don’t want negativity?

Dear Candidates

If I were an incumbent I would silently sit back and watch all the others eat each other alive. I believe we all want a candidate who tells us why we should vote for them, not why we shouldn’t vote for someone else. Wouldn’t you rather be a great candidate not just someone sucks the least of the bunch? The negative campaigns clog our TV’s and radios with commercials that make you shake your head and turn the dial. “My opponent hates puppies and senior citizens and once brought 17 items through the express lane at the grocery store.” Please stop.

I find it ironic that so many people who base their lives on the belief that there was only one perfect man spend so much time and energy in finding fault with others and act shocked when they find something. With all the scrutiny and investigating a candidate has to go through, I think we scare away the best possible candidates. Who would want to expose themselves and their family and friends to that kind personal probing? We are all imperfect and have skeletons. We are a nation of imperfect people. Shouldn’t we be led by one?

I want a president who knows what it is like to try to make ends meet, who has had to look for a job or get medical coverage or turned down for a loan. That type of person would understand what my life is like. I don’t live in the same America these people do.

I ask candidates this election year to refrain from the personal attacks, tell us why YOU are the one for the job, don’t knock on my door, I will see and hear enough of you and please have your mothers approve all ads before they air. They just might be more effective. Just a real American’s two cents, it’s all I have left.

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