Why can't companies have humans answer the phone anymore? Few things are more impersonal and unprofessional than an automated answering machine. I personally hate pressing "1" for any reason. We are humans calling so why can't humans talk to us?

I have been having an ongoing battle with my cable company. I have my HD box but only about 6 channels show up in HD. When I go to the channel it says "this channel should be available shortly". I have had this problem for nearly a year. I try to call to get someone out but every time I call I am sent through the phone bank hell. I press this button and that button and then they say "we will send a signal to ensure that all working properly". They send the signal and say "all seems to working properly. Please press 2 if the issue has not been resolved." I then press 2 and it goes right back to the beginning of the whole process again. I never can get any further. I then scream in frustration and give up. I will be making a trip to the office in town and speaking to them in person I guess. I bet they just have a cardboard cutout in the lobby and not a real person.

Are you are tired of this as I am?

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