This must have been so stinking scary.

Oh nature. You love it because it's beautiful and majestic. You love it because wild animals are fascinating and mesmerizing. And then you get the other side of nature. You know, the natural side. The side that you don't always want to see.

Like when a mountain lion wants a skunk for a snack.

I know you're probably thinking why would anything want to eat a skunk when they stink? I'll admit, I thought the same thing. Again, this is nature and I guess anything is edible in nature.

Recently my brother, who lives in California, woke up to a loud thud on his back door. He thought it was a stray dog trying to get in the house or maybe just a large bird who took a wrong turn. So he walked to the back door and before he could see anything he could smell the skunk.

When he finally flipped on the light, this is what he saw...

@missradiojess via Instagram
@missradiojess via Instagram

It's a little hard to tell, but that is a mountain lion duking it out with a skunk. My brother said it was hard to get a photo because it was dark and because they were moving so fast. Oh, and his eyes were watering due to the stench of skunk.

He said they continued to fight for quite awhile. The mountain lion was taking swipes at the skunk, while the skunk kept presenting his backside and spraying the mountain lion. Eventually they both disappeared into the night, but the scent found its way into the house and lingered for a few days.

What would you have done in this situation?

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