Sunday night, a portion of southbound Interstate 225 was blocked off by about 600-800 street racers, according to KDVR. Aurora Police say that the vehicles intentionally blocked the section of Interstate 225 between Colfax and Alameda Avenue.

Numerous reports of fireworks, smoke and weapons being waved around came from the illegal gathering on the interstate. The section of interstate that was shut down by the street racers was cleared by police before midnight.

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Street racing has been an issue in the city of Aurora and the surrounding areas for years. Police have warned that it is possible that the group will continue street racing in other areas besides the interstate.

The issue of street racing has been brought up during an Aurora Public Safety Police meeting in February. Local lawmakers and police are exploring options at both a local and state level for legislation that would assist in halting street racing events in the area.

The Interstate incident comes after three people were killed in a multiple-vehicle crash early Saturday morning in Thornton where high speed is believed to be a factor in the accident. Neighbors told KDVR that street racing has been an issue in the area of 120th Avenue and Colorado Blvd, where the accident occurred, for years.

Source: KDVR

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