People can be so stupid.

A report shows that in just 19-days, 1,3042 people were arrested in Colorado for driving under the influence.

According to KMGH, the Colorado Department of Transportation and Colorado State Patrol's DUI crackdown around Labor Day netted that disgustingly-high number of arrests.The time-frame in question was August 16th-September 3rd, 2013. During that time, nine people died in alcohol-related traffic crashes.

Nine people died, over 1,300 went to jail, and who knows how many more were out there drunk behind the wheel.

It make me sick to think that that many people can manage to toss back a bunch of alcohol and decide that they're okay to get behind the wheel. I hear people bash the DUI limit of .08 saying things like, "That bull-crap man, that's like two beers, I can drive after two beers."

I don't care. I doubt you're as good a drunk-driver, (or even a buzzed-driver) as you think and that's the law. It's not tough, if you're going out for drinks, get a safe ride home!

CDOT even has an app you can download on your phone to help calculate what your BAC should be after drinks and helps you call a cab. (Download it for free for iPhone or Android.)

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