About 16 miles east of Fort Collins, there is what used to be a very tiny town called Severance. For decades this one stop sign town, was known for one thing, Rocky Mountain oysters at Bruce's Bar. The town saying is/was "where the geese fly and bulls cry." Why are the bulls crying? Here, bull testicles are the oyster. So that was then, this is now. Now the town of Severance has seen more building permits pulled in one year, than the much much larger city of Fort Collins.

As the cost of homes in most of Northern Colorado are simply too expensive, Severance is affordable and has lots to build on, which Fort Collins does not. This drive used to feel far, but as our surrounding cities grow closer together, a 23 minute drive from Old Town doesn't seem so bad.

The Coloradoan reports:

Severance — population about 6,000 — issued 446 building permits for single-family homes last year. By comparison, Fort Collins, a city of 170,000, issued 414.



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