Sometimes it's difficult to tell how tall or short a person is if you've never met them in person. If you and I ever meet face-to-face, you'll find that I'm really short. Like really short - 5 ft, 1 in.

Both super short and super tall people have problems functioning normally on a daily basis due to their height. For me, I can't reach the top shelf, climb over a fence (not that I frequently have a reason to be doing that...), etc. For tall people, I'm guessing they're not very good at doing the limbo.

Every morning, I walk into the K99 studio with a short person problem of having to pull the computer monitors closer to me. One is a touch screen, so that one needs to be easily accessible. Brian Gary keeps the touch screen monitor pretty far away - both he and Todd Harding are tall guys. I'm also guessing Brian isn't blind like I am (actually, you never know - he does have eye herpes...).

Don't get me wrong, it doesn't piss me off that the monitor is far away in the beginning of my shift. I just think it's funny that I literally have to pull the touch screen monitor at least a foot towards me! And of course, just like it's courteous to lower the toilet seat back down when you're living with or visiting a female, I push the touch screen monitor back to its original position after my show (because I think everyone here at the radio station is taller than me). Ha!

See the before and after in the studio below!

What are your short OR tall people problems? Feel free to email me or tweet me @mollieonair.

Photo credit: TSM/Mollie Kendrick
Photo credit: TSM/Mollie Kendrick

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