This morning Jordan gave 5 tips to get your man to listen to you better. She tried to explain the list to Michael, but he wasn't listening.

Sit Catty-Corner To him When Speaking
Sometimes men perceive face to face interaction as an act of aggression, which often triggers the fight or flight response. Some people believe that if you sit catty corner to (or even beside) him so he isn’t forced to make eye contact with you, his defenses will go down and you can get him to listen.

Turn Off The TV
Disclaimer: I would be careful during the playoffs. However,  most man  aren't great at multi-tasking. They're especially not as good as women. Basically, if that TV is on, you're not going to get his full attention and he won't be listening to you.

Stick to the Facts
MRI scans show that men listen with the right side of their brain. That means that they're not going to listen to long talks. Simplify it all and just get to the point.

Say What You Mean
Men have more difficulty reading body language than women. Also, they don't pay attention to things like that as much. The problem is, women use a lot of body language to communicate. Needless to say it can end in frustration and fights. One way to make progress is to simply "say what you mean, and mean what you say."

Ask For An “Echo”
If you really want your man to listen, ask him to repeat back what you said. Good luck with that.

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