Shine's x-ray
Courtesy of Colorado State University

A miniature horse named Shine headed home on Wednesday after receiving a prosthetic limb from the veterinary teaching hospital at Colorado State University.


Shine was attacked by a dog near Pueblo and his damaged hoof had to be amputated. Shortly after the attack, his owner, Jacque Corsetino, was facing two hard choices, euthanize Shine, or try to fit her horse with a prosthetic limb.


Corsentino brought Shine to CSU’s veterinarian hospital where he underwent a rare amputation surgery. Dr. Laurie Goodrich performed the surgery.


One month after the surgery, Shine was fitted with an artificial hoof from OrthoPets, a company in Westminster, Colo., that specializes in animal prostheses. Founder Martin Kaufmann has worked with CSU on other cases, including that of Brutus, the famed Rottweiler with four prosthetic paws. Shine will be the fourth miniature horse to receive an OrthoPets hoof, which looks like a narrow ski boot with a foam liner and bike-tire treads.

The family has set up a crowdfunding page through to help with Shine’s medical expenses.

This YouTube video shares more of Shine's story:

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