Wild animals are wild for a reason. Even in an environment like a national park where you think you're safe, it's important to never let your guard down because even though you're not out and about in the middle of nowhere, these animals don't know or care about the difference.

When we're in these places, we're in their territory and their home so if they feel threatened in any way, shape, or form, they will do what's necessary to protect themselves and that includes attacking you and the people you're with.

This Colorado family learned the hard way that even when you do everything right and don't get too close to the animals or get them riled up intentionally, things can change, and they can change fast.

However, when you don't do everything you need to do to stay safe, well that's not good and the result can end in serious injury and even a loss of life. Thankfully, this man that was attacked can live to tell his story after getting gored at Yellowstone National Park.

Fellow park attendant Rob Goodell was rolling video when the incident took place, thankfully nobody was killed and only the man in the hat, who got too close to the bison, was injured but is expected to be fine.

Close call right? I mean, the guy got nicked up pretty good but he's very lucky because it could have been a lot worse for all of them.

According to Jeremy Shaw, a Park Manager at Utah’s Antelope Island, people normally get too close to bison. “They always want to get closer and closer for photos. But ultimately, any time there is a dangerous interaction with wildlife, it’s because the person got too close.”

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