I've told a few whoppers in my day about fish I may or may not have caught, but this is no fish story. An Idaho man caught a record Yellowstone cutthroat trout recently and he has the picture to prove it.

His name is Nate Burr and Idaho Fish and Game shared his historic fish victory on their Facebook page recently.


According to the official Idaho Fish and Game website, here's how Nate managed this big catch:

Burr and a fellow angler had been fly fishing the Snake River for three days and looking for big trout without much success. As evening set in on the third day of slow fishing, their luck changed as a huge trout smashed Burr's fly.

The previous record for a Yellowstone cutthroat trout was 30.5 inches long just a couple months ago in August. Nate's monster trout measured a jaw-dropping 31 inches.

Well done, Nate Burr. That sure is a big fish you caught and unlike the fish I say I've landed, yours is true.

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