Chudley by the fire
Jenny Harding, For TSM

I am devastated, destroyed, heartbroken, and so very sad to share that our beautiful, orange, boy kitty, Chudley is no longer with us. He and his sister, Morgan, would be 18-years-old on the 23rd of this month. Chudley is more than just a cat. He has been a beloved member of our family since 1998. I have never known any animal with more love in his little body than our Chudley. He only ever wanted two things in his life; to go outside and to be loved.

Chudley Was Not Normal

Chudley was not like a normal cat. He always came running to us whenever we called, no matter what. He always thought whoever visited our home was there to see him. In fact, when the doorbell would ring, Chudley would come running to see who was visiting HIS house. If we were outside with the little guy, the neighbors better stop and pet him as they walked by, or he would chase after them, crying the whole time.

Chudley Chose Us

We got Chudley and Morgan from a farm in Fort Morgan, CO. They were litter mates. Honestly, we had planned to just get a little black Manx girl with white paws, but Chudley had a different plan. That day, I sat on the floor and tried to get Morgan to come to me, instead the tiny yellow kitten, with hair standing straight up, crawled up onto my lap and stayed there. The kittens were fed while we were there, but as soon as Chudley was done, he crawled back on my lap. We had no choice. We brought them both home.

How We Named Our Cats

Morgan was named after the town where they were born and Chudley was named after a small village in England. It was spelled Chudleigh, but we gave him the American spelling because we didn't want the other cats making fun of him.

What I Will Miss Most About Chudley

What I Will Miss the Most: his never ending love. You could pet him for 24 hours in a row and he would still look at you and his eyes would say,"why are you not stopping?" He was a talker and would always announce his arrival into the room. I will miss that too.

Rest in peace little buddy. Chudley Harding: 1998-2016.

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