Most people go through life always looking at the path that's straight ahead, but once in a while, it can be refreshing to look up and get lost in a beautiful, star-filled sky. Stargazing offers amazing sights, renews our sense of wonder, and serves as a reminder as to just how small some of our worries really are in the grand scheme of things. So, if you feel like getting starry-eyed, you're in luck, because once the sun goes down, there are plenty of places and opportunities right here in Northern Colorado for you to be able to cross nighttime skygazing off your summer bucket list.

The key factor for successful stargazing is finding an open area that provides a clear, uninterrupted view of the sky above – the further away you travel from the city’s lights, the brighter the stars will appear. Some popular spots around our area for looking up into the night sky, are Coyote Ridge Natural Area, Bobcat Ridge Natural Area, Fossil Creek Reservoir Natural Area, Rocky Mountain National Park, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, or right in FoCo's backyard at Horsetooth Reservoir, where picnic tables are also available to sit back and relax on. Besides having an ideal location for taking in the sparkling spectacles of the sky, you'll probably want to come prepared with some warm blankets/clothing, a flashlight, and maybe your binoculars or camera too.

For a more in depth astronomical experience, there are several guided events happening throughout the summer at some of the previously listed destinations. RMNP will be hosting a Night Sky Festival, along with Astronomy in the Park and a few other programs between June-August. Each month, volunteers from the Northern Colorado Astronomical Society provide guests with telescopes and share their knowledge about stars, planets, galaxies, at places like Fossil Creek Reservoir, Devil's Backbone, Bobcat Ridge, and Boyd Lake Park – completely free of charge!


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